🎉 Celebrating Big Wins at FIFe Mediterranean Winner Show 2023! 🎉


We are thrilled to share the amazing wins of our Burmese cats from Royal Esprit Cattery at this year’s FIFe Mediterranean Winner Show in Croatia. This yearly event changes its location each time and showcases the best cats from around the world. 🏆🐱 This year, cats from 16 European countries took part, including seven world winners and 25 national champions, across 31 different breeds.

🌟 Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin JW 🌟

At only 10 months old, our young male cat, Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin, faced tough competition in his second adult show. Despite being so young, he competed against older cats in the short-haired category, including top cats from popular breeds like British Shorthairs and Bengals.

What happened? He not only won his first adult title of “Champion,” but he also got 4 out of 5 votes from the judges and became the Mediterranean Winner! 🥇👑 This shows his amazing qualities and the high standards we have at Royal Esprit Cattery.

🌟 PR GIC Alba Regia Kisbogar 🌟

Our amazing female cat, PR GIC Alba Regia Kisbogar, also had a great win. She was named the Best Female Cat in the Neuters category and also became the Mediterranean Winner! This win is extra special because many of her grandchildren, including our young winner Vacheron Constantin, are growing up in our cattery and can be proud of their grandmother.

The Road to Victory

Winning at a big event like this is not just luck. It shows the quality, high standards, and well-being of our cats. Judges look at many things, focusing on how well the cats meet breed standards. This includes their looks and behavior, especially in the stressful setting of a big show.

Both our cats, Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin and PR GIC Alba Regia Kisbogar, met and even went beyond these tough standards. They stood out among many amazing cats, all competing for top honors. Their wins show the success of our well-planned breeding program, based on deep knowledge and practical experience.

Stay Tuned for More

As we get ready for more international cat shows this fall, including the upcoming World Cat Show 2023 in Strasbourg, France, we look forward to more great results and news. Stay in touch with us for more updates as we aim for the best in cat breeding.