Our Kings

burmese cat

IC Riokay Every Diamond A Gem

Introducing our charming Burmese cat – Riokay Every Diamond A Gem, who has traveled to us from Australia. He significantly enriched our breeding program by bringing his unique and valuable genetic lines into it.

Riokay Every Diamond A Gem has a friendly and gentle character, making him an appealing representative of the breed. Despite having participated in a limited number of cat shows, his achievements include two victories in the ‘Best in Show’ category, three nominations for this award, and the prestigious ‘International Champion’ title.

Titles: International Champion (FIFe)
Birthday: 06.07.2021
Сolour: Brown (BUR n)
  • Best in Show (BIS) – 2 times
  • Nomination for BIS – 3 times
burmese cat

GIC Royal Esprit Orange Power JW

GIC Royal Esprit Orange Power JW, our charming Burmese, was born in our cattery to parents who are outstanding representatives of the breed. He has a temperament that’s impossible not to love, and he has become an integral part of our family. His show successes, including a nomination for the prestigious World Winner title at the World Cat Show 2022 in Belgium, speak for themselves, underscoring his potential and excellent qualities.

Titles: Grand International Champion, Junior Winner (FIFe)
Birthday: 29.07.2021
Сolour: Red (BUR d)
  • Best of Best 1 – 1 time
  • Best of Best 2 – 3 times
  • Best in Show (BIS) – 10 times
  • Nomination for BIS – 17 times
  • Nomination for World Winner (FIFe World Show 2022)
burmese cat

MW23 CH Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin JW

We are proud to introduce our beautiful Burmese, a young male with an excellent temperament and a heart full of love – Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin JW, who was born in our cattery. Despite his young age, Vacheron has already secured the prestigious title of Junior Winner by obtaining the necessary Best in Show wins five times in the kitten and junior categories at shows. His successes speak for themselves, underscoring his potential and excellent qualities.

Titles: Mediterranean Winner 23, Champion, Junior Winner (FIFe)
Birthday: 28.10.2022
Сolour: Chocolate (BUR b)
  • Mediterranean Winner – 1 time
  • Best of Best 1 – 5 times
  • Best of Best 2 – 1 time
  • Best in Show (BIS) – 7 times
  • Best of Category – 7 times