cat in airplain

Our kittens come from the healthy parents and ancestors that achieved great cat show results. Prior to their arrival into a new home the kittens are spayed/neutered, microchipped and had the rounds of vet administered shots. We are happy to stay in contact with the new owners to insure kitten’s lifelong support when necessary.

The Royal Esprit cattery organizes the delivery of kittens within the EU, as well as to the USA, Canada, the UAE and some other countries. Kittens from our cattery have found their homes across the whole globe.

We are fully committed to the principle: “The kitten’s interests above all else.” when planning a delivery. This means that the journey should be as comfortable and safe as possible for the kitten.

Following methods of shipping are possible:

  1. Delivery by one of the owners of the cattery (we mostly deliver within the EU)
  2. Courier shipping
  3. Shipping using the services of «Cargo» (airline)
  4. The new owner personally collects a kitten

1. We personally deliver the kitten

If it fits into our work schedule, we can also personally deliver your kitten to you by an airplane or by our car.

In this case, the buyer pays the cost associated with the travel: fuel expenses in case of a delivery by car or in case of a delivery by plane, the expenses associated to the flight for the kitten and the person accompanying it (one of the owners of the cattery).

2. Courier shipping

Shipping by an accompanying person (courier):

At the request of our customers, we can arrange the delivery of a kitten to your city by an accompanying person (courier). We cooperate only with verified and trusted couriers.

The cost of shipping by courier includes:

  • Cat transporter (depending on the shipping method, it can be a textile cat bag or a plastic box);
  • Payment of the necessary veterinary permits;
  • Payment of the kitten’s plane tickets and the associated cost;
  • Payment of the round trip plane tickets and, if necessary, overnight accommodation for the courier.

The cost of an accompanied shipping varies depending on the distance and is usually higher than the cost of unaccompanied shipping. You will need to meet the courier at the airport.

3. Shipping by the airline (Cargo)

For an unaccompanied delivery of the kittens to another country we cooperate with approved and reliable Pet Travel agencies. This service is called “Cargo” and is the most common for delivering kittens to remote countries where it is prohibited to take a kitten into the cabin, such as the UAE and the UK.

What is cargo shipping?

A kitten is placed into a special compartment for the animal cargo inside a plane. In this compartment, it is mandatory to maintain a comfortable air temperature, as well as air pressure, which corresponds to the aircraft cabin’s. The common misunderstanding is that the animals are transported in the luggage compartment, which is not the case. The animal cargo hold is a special compartment in the airplane. Depending on the type of the aircraft, the animal cargo hold can be located either under the cockpit, or combined with a common aircraft’s cabin. The airline is fully responsible for the animal shipping, therefore, it charges a separate fee for the unaccompanied transportation. The cargo transportation of a kitten normally goes very smooth. Animals quickly adapt to the flight, and a convenient container prevents the pets from additional stress. The container for transportation is equipped with bowls for food and water so that the kitten will not stay hungry or thirsty.

To organize Cargo delivery, we use the services of only reliable Pet Travel agencies and airlines.

4. You decide to personally collect the kitten

We will be happy if you decide to personally collect your kitten.

If you take a flight to collect the kitten, we will meet you at the Zagreb Franjo Tudman Airport (IATA: ZAG) and personally hand over the kitten with all the necessary documents that you and a kitten will need when you pass the customs (for flight to non-EU countries) and veterinary control when boarding for the return flight.

We draw your attention to the fact that we can not pass customs and veterinary control for you or with you, because such a method of delivery means that a kitten belongs to you, and, therefore, only you personally can register it for the flight.

For this method of delivery you will need to contact the airline company and make a reservation for a kitten for the return flight in advance. You will so secure a permission to transport a kitten in the aircraft cabin.