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    When are kittens available to go to their new homes?

    Kittens should be between 15-18 weeks of age after birth, when they can go to your home and when they are ready, strong and healthy to take the move. We will make the final decision when we think the kitten or kittens are ready and strong enough to handle the stress of moving to their new house and being separated from their litter mates.

    May I visit the cattery?

    We have received this question a lot lately, and feel the need to address it on our website in addition to individually answering questions from the contact form as needed. Because we need to maintain as sterile an environment as possible for our kittens and breeding cats, we do not allow visitors to come to the cattery prior to kitten pick up day. At best, visitors could travel a long way, only to be able to look at the kittens, absolutely no touching allowed. At worst, a potential buyer could be carrying a virus/other dangers such as fleas, chemical irritants, etc. on their person that they are unaware of and infect the whole cattery – a cattery of kittens whose buyers are counting on we to keep them as healthy and safe as humanly possible. We are sure that you wouldn’t want that to happen to your future kitten or someone else’s future kitten?! Please note that until kittens have had all of their shots, they are highly susceptible to viruses/bacteria that are brought in from the outside world (i.e. on us!) and this is an unnecessary risk that we cannot afford for our beautiful and precious kittens.

    Are girls more cuddly than the boys?

    Burmese all love being cuddled. Each kitten has its own purrsonality as do humans. We generally find the boys are more ‘laid back’ while the girls are off being very busy. However they are very loving (both males and females) and need affection and companionship.

    How long do Burmese cats live?

    Burmese cats can live up to 18 plus years.

    Are Burmese cats affectionate?

    The Burmese is an extremely affectionate cat who loves human company. They are a laid-back cat who gets along well with everyone.

    Do Burmese cats shed a lot?

    All cats shed, however shedding in the Burmese cat is not excessive.

    Are Burmese cats good with other pets?

    Burmese cats tend to think of themselves as “king or queen of the palace”, but because of their laid-back nature, they adapt very well to other animals in the house, especially if they are brought into the house in the form of kittens.

    Are Burmese cats good with children and lots of activity in the household?

    Due to their outgoing and confident nature, Burms will adapt quickly to many household situations and noises. They enjoy cuddling and lots of attention, however, always caution young children to be loving and gentle with their Burm and to please not pull their tail.

    Will my Burmese be lonely if I work during the day?

    Burmese cats tend to bond very strongly with their people. If they are left alone during the day, they will probably sleep most of the time and will be ready for action when you come home. After a long day of being alone, you can expect your Burm to be like glue to you. They want nothing more than to be loved and played with. They are happiest when they have a companion, either human or animal.