Unveiling the Stunning Burmese Cat Colors

A Look at the 10 Recognized Colors

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The Distinctive Charm of Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are renowned for their graceful appearance and affable nature. But what truly sets them apart is their fascinating array of colors. These unique Burmese cat colors add an extra layer of allure to an already captivating breed. Their short and fine coat plays an essential role in defining the Burmese color. Without an undercoat, it fits closely to the body, altering shades with even a slight motion. This gives their coat a glossy appearance and a special “Burmese sheen.” The Burmese color palette is intricate and includes uneven color intensity. The head, paws, and tail are slightly darker, while the color lightens from the back to the belly.

A Dive into Genetic Traits and Recognized Colors

The neck and chest can be a shade lighter than the main tone. This variation in color is a result of the specific “Burmese” gene, a fascinating genetic trait unique to the breed. Burmese kittens are an enchanting sight as they grow. Born in a lighter hue of their final color, the coat gradually deepens and reaches its full intensity around the age of two. The texture of their coat changes in alignment with the color, reflecting the breed’s genetic coding. The variety of Burmese cat colors is represented by 10 recognized European variations. These include 6 solid colors and 4 tortoiseshell variations. Interestingly, the 4 tortie colors are exclusive to female Burmese cats due to the connection of the tortie coloring with the female gene.


Exploring Each Unique Burmese Cat Color

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Brown Burmese: An Exquisite Shade of Sable

The brown Burmese cat boasts a rich warm seal brown hue, often referred to as “sable”. It is not just the most common among the Burmese lineage but also acts as the foundation for all other unique coat variations within the breed.

What truly distinguishes the brown Burmese is the exclusivity of this sable shade. It’s a color that remains unmatched, as it’s absent in any other cat breed.

Shades of the brown Burmese cat can span from a dark chocolate allure to a vibrant mahogany warmth. It’s crucial to note that while they might seem dark, they are not solid black. In fact, as these cats age, a slight deepening in their coat color can be observed.

Their fur is more than just a color; it’s an embodiment of elegance. Imagine the grace of a fashion icon draped in a luxurious mink coat – that’s the aura a brown Burmese exudes. Their radiant, satin-textured coats shimmer with a subtle golden sheen. Complementing this exquisite color palette, their nose and paw pads often present shades of dark brown, adding the perfect finishing touch to their majestic appearance.

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Chocolate Burmese: Capturing the Warmth of Latte Hues

The chocolate Burmese cat radiates a distinctive shade, evoking images of a creamy latte, blending the profound richness of chocolate with the soft luminance of milk. This color, rooted in the genetic heritage of the Burmese breed, beautifully distinguishes these cats from others.

Their main body flaunts a consistent warm honey-beige hue, a characteristic trait of the chocolate Burmese. This soft base is beautifully juxtaposed with the cat’s “points” – the signature dark chocolate markings exclusive to the muzzle, legs, and tail, staying true to breed standards.

Complementing this is their chocolate-brown nose, harmonizing with the varying shades on their paw pads, from cinnamon to deep cocoa. These meticulous details not only emphasize their elegance but also highlight the meticulous genetic artistry that defines the Burmese.

In essence, the chocolate Burmese cat represents a harmonious interplay of nature and genetics, offering a stunning visual treat for feline enthusiasts.

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Blue Burmese: A Symphony of Silvery Tones

The allure of the blue Burmese cat lies in its unique shade, a stunning blend reminiscent of polished steel, setting it apart even though similar hues can be found in other breeds. Delving into the specifics, the blue hue in Burmese cats stands lighter than its British counterparts and lacks the bright tips characteristic of Russian Blues.

Favoring a more subtle, lighter tone, the ideal blue doesn’t drift towards an overly cold shade or adopt a brownish tint. This specific hue can be described as a harmonious fusion of elegance and style. In sunlight, their coat shimmers, revealing an exquisite spectrum of silvery shades, making them a visual treat for feline aficionados.

The blue Burmese’s coat, a mesmerizing bluish-gray, is accentuated with a clear pewter sheen. Distinct dark blue “points” adorn the muzzle, legs, and tail. Complementing the coat, their nose is a refined blue-grey, and their paw pads exhibit a subtle pinkish blue-grey tint. One interesting challenge for breeders is ensuring the retention of the yellow eye color, a captivating contrast to their coat.

Lilac Burmese: Whispers of Pastel Dreams

The lilac coat color of the Burmese cat is a gentle and ethereal shade, reminiscent of early spring blossoms. This shade imparts a feeling of affection and tenderness, making lilac Burmese cats seem as if they’re wrapped in the very essence of spring. Despite their delicate appearance, these cats possess the same playful and spirited nature that the Burmese breed is renowned for.

Their coat, a pale and delicate dove-grey, is complemented by a soft pink undertone. When sunlight graces their fur, it reveals pink-silver tan and pink-lilac points, enhancing its beauty. The mask on their face shines with a subtle silvery sheen, akin to lilacs bathed in moonlight. Their nose and paw pads display a soft pink hue tinged with lavender, completing their elegant appearance.

In the realm of feline beauty, the lilac Burmese cat truly stands out, a testament to the breed’s elegance and charm.

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Red Burmese Cats: Radiance in Feline Form

Red, often resembling a vibrant shade of orange, stands as one of the most captivating coat colors among Burmese cats. This hue, similar to a light tangerine, paints the body of these felines, making Red Burmese cats stand out like little sunbeams in a cloudy sky. Indeed, their brilliance is so pronounced that they almost act like natural magnets, drawing attention and admiration from all who lay eyes upon them.

The contrast of their pink nose and paw pads against the rich red of their coat gives them a unique and striking appearance. However, what truly intensifies their allure are their eyes. They possess the brightest amber eyes, looking like the golden gemstone itself, giving them an almost mystical aura.

It’s interesting to note the evolution of the Red Burmese coat over time. While stripes on the legs and tail were once a common feature, modern breeding efforts have reduced this characteristic. Yet, some purists still admire and seek these subtle markings, seeing them as a nod to the breed’s rich history.

Each Red Burmese cat carries the legacy of its ancestors in its vibrant coat, and owning or merely witnessing one is like experiencing a piece of living art. Their beauty is not just skin deep; their personalities are as warm and inviting as their dazzling appearance suggests.

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Cream Burmese Cats: The Gentle Echo of Sunset Hues

The world of Burmese cats showcases a spectrum of captivating colors, and among them, the cream coat stands out with its subtle elegance. Descending from the vibrant red shade, the cream hue embodies a more refined, delicate charm, reminiscent of a serene sunrise or the soft blush of apricots.

Cream Burmese cats have a coat that resembles light apricot, enhanced by a unique powdery finish, especially evident on their ears, head, and back. This gentle bloom gives them an almost ethereal quality, setting them apart from their vibrant red relatives. Further complementing their coat is the tip of their nose and their paw pads, which adorn a tender pale pink color, adding to their soft visual appeal.

For those just diving into the world of Burmese cats, a fun fact awaits. When these felines are kittens, the distinction between red and cream is so slight that it becomes a delightful challenge for many enthusiasts. Over time, as the cats mature, the cream hue reveals its true nature, solidifying its place as one of the most enchanting colors within the Burmese breed.

In essence, the Cream Burmese cat, with its soft hues and gentle demeanor, is a testament to the versatility and beauty of this beloved breed. For owners and admirers alike, each glimpse of this color is a visual treat, promising a world of warmth and comfort.

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Important to note: The four tortie Burmese cat colors are exclusive to females, as the tortie coloring is linked to the female gene.
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Seal Tortie Burmese Cats: A Unique Blend of Beauty and Personality

The Seal Tortie, also known as Brown Tortie, boasts a coat that’s a mesmerizing mix of seal brown and shades of tangerine, both dark and pale. These patches and mingling of colors create a visual tapestry that’s distinct from any other tortie variations. A glance at their nose and paw pads reveals either seal brown, pink, or a delightful combination of the two.

Upon first glance, some might find the Seal Tortie’s appearance a tad peculiar, but the allure of this coat color unfolds over time. Their contrasting markings, similar to rich chocolates, are prominently visible, sometimes aligning in patterns that can only be described as charmingly unique.

But it’s not just their looks that captivate. Seal Tortie Burmese cats are known to possess a charm that’s unparalleled. Many owners attest that they are the most distinctive in temperament among all Burmese cats. There’s never a dull moment with them around, and their vivacious personalities ensure that they remain unforgettable. Indeed, many who’ve had the pleasure of owning a Seal Tortie claim that if they were to choose a Burmese cat again, their heart would undeniably lean towards this particular shade.

In essence, the Seal Tortie is not just a color—it’s an experience, blending visual beauty with an enchanting personality. A true testament to the diverse beauty of Burmese cats.

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Blue Tortie Burmese Cats: An Enchanted Blend of Color

The Blue Tortie Burmese cat boasts a captivating coat, artfully marrying shades of blue-grey with hints of light apricot. The interplay of these colors creates a mesmerizing effect, where muted blue washes are occasionally interrupted by delicate patches of apricot, both dark and pale. This intricate palette makes the Blue Tortie stand out, even amidst the vast array of Burmese cat colors.

While their coats may paint a picture of a serene sky interspersed with the first rays of dawn, their nose and paw pads offer another layer of intrigue: a gentle dance between shades of pink and grey-blue.

Historically, tortie cats have been associated with myths and legends. Some cultures believed they bring good luck, and the Blue Tortie, with its ethereal blend of colors, certainly seems like a cat that stepped out of a fairy tale.

For those in search of a feline that not only offers companionship but also carries an air of mystical allure, the Blue Tortie Burmese cat emerges as a top contender. It’s not just a cat; it’s a conversation piece, a living artwork that brings both beauty and intrigue into any home.

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Chocolate Tortie Burmese Cats: A Mesmerizing Mosaic of Color

The world of Burmese cats is vast and varied, but among them, the Chocolate Tortie Burmese cats are gaining popularity and often take the spotlight. With a beautiful blend of milk coffee and soft tangerine shades, they are indeed a sight to behold.

Their coat, a rich tapestry of warm colors, reflects the fascinating history and genetics of the Burmese spectrum. Every Chocolate Tortie cat is unique, and their patterns are never by chance; they are nature’s own masterpiece.

Their uniqueness doesn’t stop with their appearance. Chocolate Tortie Burmese cats have a special place in the hearts of cat lovers, often being described as having an inviting and lively personality. They truly stand out, not just in appearance but also in character.

If you step into the world of Burmese cats, the Chocolate Tortie stands out. Their presence in a cattery or a home is always noticed, as they bring a touch of elegance and a hint of fun with them. Their playful patterns, combined with their warm personalities, make them a favorite choice for many.

The Chocolate Tortie color has become a timeless classic in the Burmese cat world. Every glance at them is like looking at a beautiful painting, with colors and patterns that are simply unmatched. If you’re considering adopting or buying a Burmese cat, the Chocolate Tortie should definitely be on your radar. They promise an experience filled with joy, warmth, and certainly a bit of fun!

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Lilac Tortie Burmese Cat: A Rare and Alluring Beauty

The Lilac Tortie coat, exclusive to the splendid Burmese breed, is a canvas of delicate artistry. Featuring an enchanting blend of dove-grey and light apricot shades, this coat exhibits both deep and subtle hues. The mingling of these colors creates a captivating tortoiseshell-like pattern that never fails to grab attention.

Its uniqueness is amplified by its rarity. Every Lilac Tortie Burmese cat is distinct, with its own intricate pattern and shading. The elegant contrast of pink and/or lavender on their nose leather and paw pads further enhances their refined appearance. These soft shades accentuate the already gentle and loving nature typical of the Burmese temperament.

The Lilac Tortie variation is the rarest color and is valued like a museum piece among Burmese breeders and enthusiasts. Its allure lies not only in its mesmerizing coat but also in its affectionate disposition. Known for their strong bonding abilities, Lilac Tortie Burmese cats are not just visual delights; they also form deep connections with their families, making them the ideal companions.

In essence, the Lilac Tortie Burmese cat offers a harmonious blend of beauty and heart. Their distinctive coat, combined with their endearing personality, sets them apart in the feline world. For those seeking a cat that encapsulates both charm and warmth, the Lilac Tortie Burmese cat stands out as a top choice.

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Burmese cats display a fascinating thermodependent trait across all their colors. This means their coat hues subtly shift with changes in the surrounding temperature. As it gets cooler, distinct darkening can be observed, particularly on their muzzle, paws, tail, and back, with the chocolate hue undergoing a noticeable transformation. It’s not uncommon for kittens and young Burmese to present a marginally lighter hue or a gentle pattern on their coat. Importantly, these color nuances are temporary, reverting to their typical hue as temperatures rise once more.

Unveiling the Spectrum: Burmese Cat Colors at Royal Esprit Burmese Cattery

Burmese cats offer a captivating array of colors, each resonating with its distinct charm. Throughout this guide, you’ve embarked on a journey through these hues, understanding their deeper essence, genetics, and the dedication of breeders at establishments like Royal Esprit Burmese Cattery.

Being one of the foremost Burmese cat breeders in the world, our devotion to the breed’s preservation has driven us to work with all the colors of Burmese cats, allowing cat aficionados to embrace the full spectrum of these beautiful creatures.

Every hue tells its own tale, yet they all exude the characteristic Burmese appeal, a heartwarming personality, and the promise of steadfast companionship. For those eager to become part of our extended Burmese family, details on our most recent litters and kittens available for adoption can be found here.

At Royal Esprit Burmese Cattery, every Burmese cat we nurture is a testament to the beauty and elegance of the breed, inviting you to experience a world of feline enchantment.

Essential Tool for Burmese Cat Breeders

Predict Your Litter’s Colors: Burmese Cat Color Calculator

Not sure what Burmese cat colours to expect from your litter? For a better understanding of Burmese cat colors, use our Burmese cat colors calculator. This tool allows breeders and cat lovers to predict the color of offspring based on the genetic makeup of the parents.

Table of EMS Codes for Burmese Cats

What Are EMS Codes?

EMS (Easy Mind System) is an internationally recognized coding system used for identifying various characteristics of pedigree cats, including coat color. This system is widely used in cat breeding associations and helps to quickly and accurately identify the features of each cat.

Brown BUR n
Blue BUR a
Chocolate BUR b
Lilac BUR c
Red BUR d
Cream BUR e
Seal (brown) Tortie BUR f
Blue Tortie BUR g
Chocolate Tortie BUR h
Lilac Tortie BUR j