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Life Beyond Breeding: Our Neutered Cats Seeking Their Forever Homes

Usually, our burmese cats finish their breeding program at the age of 1 and half to 3 years. Even after neutering, they continue to live with us and are slowly looking for their forever home. Considering that this breed of cats can live up to 20 years or more, a long and fulfilling life lies ahead of them. This breed adores people and adapts quickly to new families and homes, without experiencing the kind of psychological trauma sometimes seen in dogs.

As our cats are gradually retired from breeding because they are replaced by newer, younger cats, and with some soon-to-be-neutered cats possibly not yet listed on this page, the availability might seem limited at times.  However, even if no neutered cats are currently available here, we encourage you to reach out. Please send us an inquiry, and we’ll notify you when the next neutered cat becomes available.

It is a priority for us to find a good home for our cats. If you are interested in one of these beautiful cats, feel free to contact us.