Neutered Cats

Usually, our cats finish their breeding program at the age of 1 and half to 3 years. Even after neutering, they continue to live with us and are slowly looking for their forever home. Considering that this breed of cats live up to 20 years or more, their whole long life is ahead of them. This breed loves all people very much and gets used to new parents and home very quickly, without any psychological trauma like, for example, in dogs.

It is a priority for us to find a good home for our cats. If you are interested in one of these beautiful cats, feel free to contact us.

burmese cat

CH Batice Crystal Starlight

Birthday: 12.06.2019.

Сolour: Chocolate (BUR b)

Father: Firefly Thors Hammer

Mother: Batice Twilight Shimmer

Crystal, born in Australia, joined our cattery at the beginning of 2020. She is a bright and inquisitive cat who has retained her playful kitten character. She is incredibly sweet and adores human interaction. Recently, Crystal gave birth to her last litter, and we are now seeking loving parents who can offer her a happy and carefree life in her forever home.