Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin JW Triumphs at His First Adult Cat Show in Austria

This past weekend marked a significant milestone for our beloved cat, Royal Esprit Vacheron Constantin JW, as he participated in his first adult cat show. Cats transition from the junior to the adult category when they reach the age of 10 months. Vacheron was precisely 10 months and 3 days old at the time of the event. Although it’s challenging to compete with fully grown cats at this age, he enthusiastically took part in this prestigious show held in Austria.

A Competitive Field

The competition was fierce, with nearly 200 beautiful cats from various countries participating. On the first day of the show, September 2nd, Vacheron initially received a nomination for the Best in Show competition. He then went on to outperform all his competitors, winning the Best in Show award. This victory made him the best adult male cat in Category 3, which is designated for short-haired cats.

Best of Category and Beyond

As the winner, Vacheron advanced to the competition for the title of Best Cat in Category 3. In this round, judges selected the best cat among winners from all classes: kittens, juniors, females, males, and neutered cats. After careful evaluation and voting, our Vacheron Constantin was declared the winner, earning the title of Best of Category.

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The Ultimate Victory

This win qualified him to compete against winners from the other four categories, which included short-haired, semi-short-haired, and oriental breeds. After the final round of judging, Vacheron was awarded the title of Best of Best 1, making him the best cat of the entire show among nearly 200 participants!

A Repeat Performance

The second day of the show, September 3rd, was considered a separate new event with different judges and a fresh start to the competition. Remarkably, history repeated itself. Our Vacheron Constantin once again won Best in Show, Best of Category, and Best of Best 1. This back-to-back victory solidifies his exceptional qualities as a champion cat.

We are incredibly proud of Vacheron’s achievements and look forward to his future successes!