burmese kitten

Day 1.

Bring them to their new home and put them in a room that they can smell your scent all over. This will help the bonding process. They will have a blanket with their own scent in the carrier. (It’s easier if this is a room that can be closed or if you have a way to barricade it temporarily from other areas, as Burmese prefer to sleep with/on their family’s bed(s), a bedroom is a good choice.)

Make sure you have food, water, and a litter box (with some of the litter they’re used to in it – you’ll receive some from us) in that room – the scent of the things they are used to will make them feel more comfortable. Let them have full access to that room for the rest of the first day/night. Let your new kitten sleep in that chosen area (if it’s your room, then they will most likely curl up on your bed with you!). Be sure to play with and cuddle the kitten and have other family members come into that area to get to know your new family member.

Please, for their sake, do not isolate your new kitten the first few days. This may mean a little bit of a time sacrifice from you, but I promise it will be worth it later! (i.e. do not get home, put them in a bedroom and after 10 minutes of attention close the door while you go and lounge in a different room…they will be devastated as they want to get to know their new family!)

While these kittens are not exposed to children in my home, it takes all but five minutes for them to be okay with this new miniature human – if your child is old enough to know not to squeeze/pull/poke etc. the kitten, then they’ll be just fine! (As a side note, please teach your children that hands and feet are not toys – play with actual cat toys so that the kittens don’t get into a bad habit of biting people’s fingers/toes. It’s natural for kittens to play-bite with other cats and toys, but we don’t want them to do that with people! Teaching your children/family members this lesson from Day 1 will save you heartache later!)

​Day 2.

By now, they’ve used their new litter box, and know the smells of the first room (so they can find their way back to it if needed), feel free to let them have supervised exploration time in the rest of the house! They will quickly get a good “feel” for their new surroundings. At night on the second day, bring them back to the first room (again, an occupied bedroom is best! They want to be with their new human family!)

​Day 3.

After you wake up (and probably find a curled up fur-baby on your bed!) you can now open your bedroom and let the kitten start living his/her new life with you! – you can still supervise, but depending on the danger factors of your house (stairs, heights, etc), they won’t need much supervision at this point.

* If you have other pets, the above process may look different/take longer. If you have any questions or would like a personalized “plan”, please let me know so we can come up with a plan and feel prepared/confident before you take your new kitten home!