This past weekend, our Burmese cattery, Royal Esprit, participated in the prestigious FIFe International Cat Show held in Žilina, Slovakia. It was an eventful two days, filled with excitement and proud moments as our beloved felines showcased their beauty and grace.

On April 27th, Royal Esprit Blueberry Muffin, our charming junior, captivated the hearts of all judges, earning the title of Best in Show (junior category) with unanimous votes. Her outstanding performance did not stop there, she was also awarded Best of Best 3, an incredible achievement for her young age. The joy doubled as she was officially titled Junior Winner (5 times was Best in Show for this title)!

Not to be outdone, Royal Esprit Fahrenheit, our delightful kitten, also swept the votes to win Best in Show in the kitten category and secured the Best of Best 2 position.

The following day, April 28th, proved to be just as successful. Blueberry Muffin continued her winning streak, repeating her Best in Show (junior) victory and advancing to Best of Best 1, affirming her excellence among her peers. Fahrenheit maintained his strong performance, consistently securing Best of Best 2 once more.

We are immensely proud of our kittens‘ performances and grateful for the recognition they have received. These achievements reflect the dedication to quality and love for the Burmese breed that Royal Esprit stands for.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to celebrate and share our journey with these incredible cats!